I.S. 171 Senior Classes, 1965

Thanks to Cora (Gavin) Modica for the scans.

This is the last year with 9th grade classes; it is not clear why the switch from numbers to letters. The following year, the city adopts a new Intermediate School structure, sixth to eighth grade, and moves the ninth grade to the high schools.

Class 9-A, 9-B, 1965
Class 9-C, 9-D, 1965
Class 9-E, 9-F, 1965
Class 9-G, 9-H, 1965
Class 9-I, 9-J, 1965
Joe Heredia, in class 9-J, points out that classmate Ron Nunn went on to become an NBA referee.
Class 9-S, 1965