I.S. 171 Senior Classes, 1967

Thanks to Cora (Gavin) Modica for the scans.

Class 8-A, 8-B, 1967
Class 8-C, 8-D, 1967
Class 8-E, 8-F, 1967
Class 8-G, 8-H, 1967
Class 8-I, 8-J, 1967
John Cunetta confirmed that the Michael Iadanza in class 8-I was Tony Danza's cousin.
Class 8-K, 1967
Class 9-S
There was a class 9-S in both 1967 and 1968. Lisa Mando provided an explanation via the guestbook; 171 offered an accelerated program to complete 8th and 9th grade in one year, and enter high school as a sophomore.