I.S. 171 Senior Classes, 1968

Thanks to Cora (Gavin) Modica for the scans.

Class 8-A, 8-B, 1968
Class 8-C, 8-D, 1968
Class 8-E, 8-F, 1968
Class 8-G, 8-H, 1968
Class 8-I, 8-J, 1968
Class 8-K, 8-L, 1968
Ken Schroeder noted a printing error in the class 8-L key. Third row, far right his friend Richard Tuthill's name was omitted. Ken also noted Richard was the best wiffle ball player in the school.
Class 9-S
There was a class 9-S in both 1967 and 1968. Michael McNichols, pictured top left, explains; "I was a member of 9-S in 1968. We were told S stood for "Skip". We skipped 8th grade. We did of eighth grade work during the 7th grade year as 7S and during the ninth grade year as 9S. We then entered HS as 10th graders. Our former classmates who chose (or were counseled) not to skip a grade were placed in classes 7E and then 8E. There were no other 9th graders only 7th and 8th graders at the school." This is consistent with Lisa Mando's comments on the 1967 page.