The 1960s - Part 5

This one's a mix - instead of the usual fender-benders, these shots covered other news-worthy events around the neighborhood.

Fire, Cleveland and Fulton Streets, 1960s
I believe this is the southeast corner of Cleveland and Fulton. If anyone has a handle on the year let me know.
Ashford and Fulton Street Floods, 1960s
I've certainly featured this scene before with home pictures on the Ashford Street page, but these shots were taken down near the corner and feature something closer to home for me. These views are the southwest corner, and the "G&C Novelty Co." sign is visible in the background. This was my grandfather's lampshade company, the G&C stood for "Gomes and Cameron".
The second set of views is of the southeast corner, showing the beauty parlor that was there for years.
These two pictures were taken several years earlier, maybe even the late 1950s. The southeast corner is a St. Michael's lending library. On the right is better view of the sign on my grandfather's factory, and we can see Al's grocery on the far right with the folks hanging out in front.
Shooting, 345 Etna Street
I haven't been able to find any details about this incident which took place in 1960. This is on the corner of Autumn Avenue.
Karweg Place, circa 1960
We're not sure why this was taken nor the name of the woman in the image. We're looking north up Elderts Lane and Karweg Place is the one-block street behind the woman. In the distance on the right are those former tudor-style homes seen in the post card.
Fire, Liberty and Hendrix, circa 1960
This is the southwest corner; the building is gone but the two on the right are still standing.
Arcaras Food Market, Warwick Street and Liberty Avenue 1950s
This is the southeast corner, catty-corner from St. Michaels.