Georgia Ave. Video circa 1950

"The Trolley ran up Georgia Ave, Georgia Ave was the "turn around" point for the Liberty Ave. Trolley line, and it was also the route to the "Trolley Barn" which later became the TA's Garage for the buses.In the 40's they pulled up the tracks and "Trolley Buses" ran the route for a couple of years, (they had to connect to the overhead electric lines for power, which was a problem when the connector jumped the line.) By the late 40's and 50's the electric lines were taken down and regular bus traffic took over." -Mary Cornell

The video is a black and white 8mm movie looking north along Georgia Ave. between Liberty and Atlantic around 1950 probably Easter time.It runs for about 30 seconds and is approximately 10 MB. Clicking on the link will launch your Windows Media Player ; it will take about 30 seconds to begin if you have DSL quality bandwidth. It has not been tested with dialup access. Note: There is no sound!! Windows Media Player 10 displays the video as it downloads, which can be slow or choppy.Simply hit the play button after downloading to see it run at normal speed.

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