ENY Photolog series- LIRR Series

Although the LIRR runs along Atlantic Ave. through all of East New York, the East New York stop itself was located within Zone 1 so I have included the photoseries here.

A 1907 view
Almost an identical view, yet there are additional structures so I presume this shot postdates the first one.
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Undated early postcard view of same location, different angle
View Dated 12/14/05
This view is dated 1906 and is titled Atantic Avenue East From Logan. The relevance is that the El looping in from the left is the fabled connection between the LIRR and the Jamaica Ave. El. For more info visit Bob Andersen's "The LIRR history Website"
This view is from the Elevated lines and is from 1916
This is a shot from 1923
This view is from 1938
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The LIRR goes underground along Atlantic Avenue