The 1960s - Part 3

Time to get Cypress Hills in the picture. The date was July 7, 1965. John V. Lindsay was candidate for Mayor, and he had a local office at 3263 Fulton Street, on the north side between Chestnut Street and Euclid Avenue. All these shots are in that location so there isn't much geographic diversity, but I'm curious if anyone recognizes anybody.

The car shot on the left is my favorite of the bunch, and it also made it clear the location for all these shots.
The next pair are looking west down Fulton, towards Chestnut Street. For train buffs, you can see the angled train beams overhead that once supported the LIRR's spur connection to Atlantic Avenue.
Apparently there was a live band there to liven up the rally, anybody have a clue as to who they are? In the background of the right hand shot, you can see the Columbia Machine Works tower.
I'm assuming these two were taken inside the local office on Fulton Street.
One view is a bit of a duplicate, while the second is looking east on Fulton and we can see the wall for Blessed Sacrament in the background. Lindsay ran against local political legend Vito P. Battista in the Republican Primary.
Addendum: We know Lindsay returned to the neighborhood in April of 1966 as Mayor; he was there to celebrate the start of demolition of the water works on Atlantic Avenue, with a promise to build a park. My brother and his P.S. 108 classmates attended, and I found his permission slip in my mother's diary. As we all know the park was never built.