Miller Avenue

The name appears to be original; it is used on the 1873 maps. Probably named after Horace A. Miller, a prominent New Lots resident who was also involved in real estate. This page covers the stretch north of Atlantic Avenue; see Zone 5 for the southern part.

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"Miller Hill" and Sunnyside Avenue, 1960s
One distinct childhood memory is the steep "miller Hill". Thanks to Gloria (Profeta)Gallaway for supplying a classic (including a VW Beetle!) view of this location in the 1960s. In a precursor to "Jackass", I remember an old friend Philip DiGiore rolling a spare tire we had found down this hill on a dare, narrowly missing a bus on Jamaica Avenue. I also want to point out in the picture on the left the old 'humpback' street signs, which today are collectors items.
Highland Boulevard, June 6, 1966
Our 'accidents' series from the 1960s supplied us with a number of Miller Avenue views. In the first shot, the view is west from Bulwer Place towards Miller Avenue. On the right we are looking at the south side of Highland Boulevard just off Miller.
Miller and Arlington Avenues, October 25, 1966
Now we “slide down” Miller Avenue to Arlington Avenue. The first view is north from Arlington, looking toward the infamous “Miller Hill”. On the left, the view is west toward Jamaica Avenue.
Miller and Arlington Avenues, October 25, 1966
On the left the view is south across Arlington towards Fulton Street. The closeup on the right is the southeast corner.
Matt Rini gets credit for the development of this page by sending in some timeless shots that prompted me to pull this together. On the left is Matt and friends Frankie Raccioppi and Rickie Palma playing cards on the stoop of 115 Miller Avenue in 1967. On the right, it's block party time in 1973 in front of 104 Miller Avenue.
Miller Avenue and Fulton Street, Ca. 1966
Both these views are looking south on Miller toward Fulton Street.
Miller Avenue and Fulton Street, ca. 1966
The first view is looking north up Miller toward Arlington. The second I just included for the cool car shot, it is looking towards Fulton Street.
Miller and Atlantic Avenues, ca. 1965
The first view is looking north, we see the northwest corner of Atlantic Avenue and the el on Fulton in the distance. The second view is south across Atlantic along Miller Avenue.