P. S. 108

P.S. 108 was built in 1895, designed by James Naughton who designed most of the NY public schools of that era. Built out of brick and Lake Superior sandstone, it was designated as an historic landmark on February 3, 1981. It is also now known as the Sal Abbracciamento school, after a well known local graduate. Schools were particularly overcrowded at the time of construction, with some classes totaling 60-70 students!

Frances Abbraciamento visits the school, July 2007

Public School 108,Linwood and Arlington Avenue
Maker: Wm. Fick Dated: 1908 Status: Own (RG)
Early 108 image, this same image was used in a P. Miller postcard around the same time.

Public School 108,E.N.Y.
Maker: Lenox Dated: 1908 Status: Own (BG)
Another 1908 image, we have not seen many Lenox cards of East New York.
Public School 108, Brooklyn N.Y.
Maker: LJ Becker Dated: Unk Status: Own (BG)
Another rare maker for East New York. Clearly an early card with cobblestone streets.

Public School 108,Arlington Ave. and Linwood St.
Maker: Brooklyn Eagle Dated: undated Status: Own (RG)
This image can be dated near 1910; the tall telegraph pole on the corner appears only in early pictures.
Public School 108,East New York, Brooklyn
Maker: Kraus Dated: 1914 Status: Own (BG)
This Kraus card was postmarked in 1914; note the poles are gone.

Linwood Street,showing Public School 108,East New York
Maker: Art Post Card and Novelty Co. Dated:1930 Status: Own(BG)
Though postmarked 1930, it is difficult to place the timing of the image. Our first reaction; "hey, you can see Bill's on the corner!"
Public School 108, Graduating class 1908
Linda Nease Scott sets a new record for us with the oldest graduation picture in our collection- her grandmother's 1908 class. Her grandmother was Madeline Anselette Van Nostrand and Linda even sent the back of the picture with all the names. I found it cool that ven the date - February 5, 1908 - was recorded.
Public School 108, 1931
Donna Meyer helps out with this image courtesy of Lynda Albrecht Feaster and her cousin Richard Albrecht. Arthur "Artie" Gilbert Jr. is the 2nd young man in the second row. This was Lynda's uncle on her mother's side. They lived on Warwick Street.
Public School 108, 1935
Leonora Licata sent in this photo of the January 1935 graduating class, which included her father, Mario Licata. He is third from left, in the second row from the top.
P.S. 108 School song
Thanks to my brother Bruce for finding this old songbook on Ebay that had on the very first page the lyrics to the school song. We're guessing the book dates to 1910 or so, I included the page with the weak picture more because it shows the name of Lillian Rapelje at the top, a pretty historic family in East New York.
P.S. 108, 1930s.
From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. On the left, a picture of a play at P.S. 108 in 1933. On the right, a display of student projects in 1931.
P.S. 108 Documents, 1935
Leonora also sent over a commendation certificate and her father's diploma from 1935. Note the school is also referred to as the "Arlington School".
P.S. 108 Graduation Program, 1937
Purchased from an estate sale, some memorabilia from 1937.
P.S. 108 Autograph Book, 1937
Along with the program was an autograph book with a neat feature - the graduate's initials are on the hasp. On the right, a picture of Principal Arthur J. Stang, who served until 1940.
P.S. 108 1941
Courtesy of Tim O'Reilly, the 1941 tax photo shows the school when it was covered in ivy.
P.S. 108 Documents, 1944 autograph book
John Clemente II sent over a scan of a 1944 autograph book. He also included the picture of the school inside- its the same picture they used in my 1968 book, and I believe it dates to the 1930s.
Public School 108, 1945
Thanks to Tim O'Reilly for sending over his mother's 1945 class pic, and Tim adds the following (edited); " The girls made their graduation dresses in sewing class, they had to buy the fabric from a fabric store located at 3209/3211 Fulton Street.
Top row, first boy on the left – Felix Santella, he’s Phil Santella’s cousin (Phil verified this for me a couple of years ago). Top row, second from right – Robert Cromey, he lived at 53 Jerome Street. Top row, fourth from right – Judith Lorber, she lived at 99 Ridgewood Avenue.
Second row from the top, only girl in row – Ruth Holmes, she lived at 2878 Fulton Street, you’ve got a 1940 Tax Photo of 2878 Fulton already up. Ruthie’s mom used to be one of cleaning ladies in PS 108 while they were attending in the 1930s and 1940s (possibly even later). Ruthie had 4 sisters, and one of them (Lorraine, I think) had a pony that they stabled somewhere on Pennsylvania Avenue or down on Linden Boulevard. Ruthie married a guy named Anthony, and they moved into that big apartment building perched up on Miller Avenue.
Third row from top, third from left – My mom, Irene James (O’Reilly), she lived at 90 Shepherd Avenue. Third row from top, fourth from left – Norma Ressiniu, she lived at 180 Arlington Avenue. Third row from top, fifth from left – June Johanson, she lived at 151 Ridgewood Avenue (between Shepherd and Essex). June and my mom were friends since they were age 2 or 3 from St. Peter’s Sunday School on Hale Avenue.
Second row from bottom (all seated), third from left – Hanna Hartnett, she lived at 3061 Fulton Street. Second row from bottom (all seated), fourth from left – Dolores Toner, she lived somewhere on Linwood Street.
Public School 108, 1949
Elise (Avella) Feiner sent this 1949 photo of the "Thrift Class", those that participated in the East New York Savings Bank program. She even IDs the class!
Public School 108 Kindergarten, 1955
Thanks to Bernadette (Nicholson) Gill for this 1955 image. She IDs herself in the 2nd row, third from the right and also IDs site fan Laurie Marino next to her (4th from right.) If you check the picture that follows, you can see it was taken in the same classroom.
Public School 108, 1955
Donald Hulslander supplies a picture of Class IGC 6-1 from October of 1955, and a key as well:
Top: Raymond Olkin, Judith Leshin, Irene Cohen, Vivian Machtay, Mrs. Rhoda Lindner, Emily Eisenberg, Linda Tyne, John Richartz, Joel Gross, Donald Hulslander.
Middle: Adeline Fabrizio, Arlene Elfenbein, Michelle Gaffen, Mitchell Bialostozky, Charles Andersen, Michael Nichols, Harriet Fell, Barbara ?, Cora Pastore
Bottom: Robert Falco, Nancy Antell, Theresa Livote, Earl Ballard

I noted that Donald and a few others appear in 171 pics in years before and after this. Donald provided the explanation, as well as the travel arrangements.

"During the period of at least 1948-1962 there were several types of schools. Starting with kindergarten were the neighborhood elementary schools like PS 65, and 108 that ran from k-6. Then there was PS 171 which ran from k-9. We did not know it as IS 171. When children were in the 3rd grade they were given aptitude tests for possible selection to classes designated AR (Advanced Reading) or IGC (Intellectually Gifted Children). Those classes included 4th, 5th and 6th and were taught in PS 108. Another selection was made during the 6th year of instruction. That involved something called "the Rapids" or SP's (Special Progress) in which 2 classes were formed (one learning Latin and one Spanish). Those classes went directly from 7th grade to 9th skipping the 8th. I guess since those in the IGC's were advanced learners it follows that most of them would also attend the Sp's. So, I attended PS 171 K thru 3, PS 108 4 thru 6 and JHS 171 7 and 9. In the 50's the NYC Transit Authority sold a monthly ticket for $1.00. The normal fare was either 12 or 15 cents. I either took the B25 bus along Fulton St to Linwood or the el train for 1 stop from Crescent St. to Linwood St. That first fall of 1953 I was 8 years old doing that by myself. Some difference from today."
-Donald Hulslander
John Gunther followed up on Donald's experiences with a few recollections of his own

"I can confirm much of Donald Hulslander's story, but for the slightly later period of Fall 1959 through Spring 1962. I spent those 3 years at PS 108 in "Advanced Reading" AR4/5/6 as a PS 171 "expat" before returning there for junior high.

I lived at 257 Autumn Ave and used my $1 monthly transit pass to ride the two stops from Crescent Street to Cleveland St, except when I frequently lost the pass and either faked my way on to the platform using an old pass of the same color (I quickly learned to save the ones I didn't lose) or, in extremis, a square of appropriately colored construction paper. When the occasional sharp eyed booth agent detected the fraud, I'd have to run the remaining 12 blocks to school with my heavy, awkward book bag. I also used the pass to illicitly ride just about every NYCTA subway line after school. Illicit because the pass named my school and address and the fine print clearly warned it was only valid for direct transportation to and from school.

My teachers, in order, were Mrs Lange (one of the younger, hotter ones), Mrs Anna (?)Neu (very kind and grandmotherly), and Mrs Adrian (who nicknamed me "Audacious Loquacious" in class and told my mother I was a slob)."

John also has a recollection 108 that I don't recall, and am looking for anyone else who remembers this situation:

"The 3rd and 4th floors of PS 108 were "condemned" during my years there and were off limits with the sole exception of the weekly assembly in the 4th floor auditorium. During assemblies, one young, blonde, and sexy teacher - whose name escapes me - was given to wearing dresses with a plunging backline, which led one of my more worldly seatmates to extrapolate (or maybe interpolate), with considerable prurience, that she wasn't wearing a bra. I had no idea why the lack of one was of interest. Annually, we were all exposed to an elaborate student-acted Gilbert and Sullivan production. Although I didn't participate, the involvement of Mrs Adrian required our class to sit through endless auditorium rehearsals which, to this day, causes me to cringe on hearing the "and his mothers and his brothers and his sisters and his aunts" lyric or the "What, never? No, never! Well, hardly ever." dialogue."
Public School 108, Class 4-1, 1955
Hard to believe we have a third class picture from 1955. Gloria (Profeta) Gallaway sent this one, class 4-1 with Mrs. Auslander, and many in the picture can be identified from the class image below.
Public School 108, 1955,1958
Louis Ectoras sends over 2 great shots. The 1955 shot on the left is an East New York Thrift Savings class picture of Class 4-1. The picture on the right is of Class 6-1 taken outside in 1958.
Mrs. Klein's Class 6-1 1958
Thanks to Gloria (Profeta) Gallaway for these shots from 1958.
P.S. 108, 1958
Thanks to Gloria (Profeta) Gallaway for these shots, class 6-1 (left) and the principal, Mrs. Ledger, on the right.
Bob Jurgens sent in his 1959 kindergarten picture; he IDs the teacher as Miss Klein and he is in the top row, 3rd from left. Michael Johnston is 3rd row, second from left.
Old buddy and Ashford Street neighbor Mike Pastore sent over his 1962 class kindergarten picture.
Webmaster and friend John Boyle, 1962
Class 3-1, 1962
Courtesy of Tom Atanasio, who attended P.S. 108 for 2 years before going to St. Rita's. Tom attempts to provide some IDs (thanks to Lisa Mando for additions/corrections):"Top row L-to-R: Robert Jurgens,?,MaryAnn,Mrs.Blanche Sonkin, Dominick Cavuto, Racquel Machado,?;2nd Row Down: ?,Christine Kramer,George Power, Janet Trent;3rd Row Down:Panay Koutsakos,Thomas Atanasio,Joanne Lanza,Michael Dias,Kathleen Daniels,?,Cathy Collins;4th Row Down: Michael Andriani,JoAnn Nicchi, Mark DeSimone,Michael Johnston,Lisa Mando,Thomas Giaquinto;Bottom Row: Amy Marks,?,Daniel Killeen,Donna,William Skojan,Maureen Conway,Nora Gaurys"
Class 4-1, 1962
Richard Moore digs out his class photo from 1962. On the right, also from Richard, is classmate Richard Fineo from Jerome Street in 1964.
P.S. 108 I.D.
Wes Miller contributes a copy of his ID card- I don't even remember these! I like the line 'In case of accident- call priest'!! How about getting a doctor! Richard Moore supplied his 1962 ID which was a little less dramatic.

P.S. 108 1961
Richard Moore also sent these shots of the boys and girls in Miss Jane Mosiorowski's 3-1 class, and IDs as follows (thanks to Dennis Friscia for additions and corrections): "First row, l - r: Matthew Plaskowitz, me, Michael Ceasar, Bobby Schaefer (from Essex St), Michael Rosenblatt (Arlington Village, I think), Second row, l-r Dennis Friscia (from Fulton Street by Prosperity Cleaners, later 668 Jamaica Ave, my best friend, Kenneth Pattern, Neil Hayes, Eddie Johnston , Vinnie DiNapoli (behind Bobby's head), Martin Hymes (Himes?), Matthew Falsetta (from 108 Warwick Street) Third Row, l-r George Petryzka, Charles Blonstein, Michael Napolitano (Sunnyside Avenue), Jeff Bishanksy, Jonathan Messer (Arlington Village), Michael Spring who had very red hair, Richard Fineo (Jerome Street), Dennis Wilkins & Miss Mosiorowski. "

Bottom picture, the girls: "1st row, left to right: Belinda (can't recall last name), Carolyn Calia (from Ridgewood Avenue & Linwood Street), Theresa Meglino (the 'little' one), Lynn Brodsky (bending over, hands on knees)
2nd row, left to right: MaryAnn Smegelski (sp?), Kendall Eutemy, Carol Ann Lannsback (blond hair) Jeannie Perrone (from Arlington Village), Barbara Griffin (braids), next, girl in sweater, unknown, Kathy Fink and Bonnie Pineman
Back row, left to right: Isabel (last name unknown), Bettina Buvens (blond hair, only head shows), Aldene Bennett (tall girl) Marsha Calabro, Joy (flowers in hair, can't recall last name)

I saw that my old friend Dennis Friscia had sent in some corrections to my 'boys' picture, perhaps he'll see this one and do it again!
"Bill's", Linwood and Arlington 1968
Bill's, the candy store across from 108, contributed heavily to all our future dental problems. Thanks to Richard Moore for finally locating a pic for us, taken during a Memorial Day parade in 1968. Richard also sent in this picture of Angie, the school crossing guard, taken on graduation day in 1964.
My mother's 1964 diary noted a series of protests at P.S. 108 when the City floated plans to bus neighborhood kids to schools further away to speed integration. This clipping in her diary was from March of that year.
This 1965 shot of the auditorium features my older brother Bruce's 4th grade class performing 'March of the Wooden Soldiers", which they were also to perform at the New York World's Fair.
Now its younger brother Lou's turn to perform in a 1972 Christmas show, when schools could do Christmas shows. I'm pretty certain this was never performed at the World's Fair. Anthony Liccardo recognized himself as Santa Claus in the shot!
Class picture, 1967
I'm hoping to find a few more of these. My younger brother Dennis' 1st grade class picture. His teacher, Mrs. Kelly, had me for a student 3 years earlier.
Class picture, 1967
Some irony; this is my class picture, but I'm not in it! My mother had this photo as well but couldn't find it-this was sent by classmate Dom Most from Italy! Donna (Gordon) Covucci contacted me and supplied the names:
Back row: Kenneth Bedell,Nicky Zymbaluk, Robert Soloman, Mike Antonovich, Richard Kuhlman, Larry Payton,Glen Youngelman, Gene Falcone, Robert Lanza

Middle Row: James Meglino, Marilyn Stewart,Sharon Harris, Kim Kozack, Denise Murrell, Harriet Gordon, Lorraine Testut, JoAnne Barone, Richard Meseika, Mrs. Hand

Front row: Iris Suarez, Donna Gordon, Pamela Idlett, Lorraine Randolph, Florence Gunther,Vanessa Rogers, Kathleen Coletto, Janine Wolfzahn
Kneeling: Dom Most, William Harvey, Valentino Herbert .
Class picture, 1967
My cousin John comes up with another 1967 class pic, his second grade shot. I'm pretty certain the teacher is Mrs. Tobias, who I had in 2nd grade two years earlier. John is the one on the right holding the sign. Dom Most identifies the girl in pigtails as his sister Rosanna.
Class 5-4 picture, 1967
My Pastore suppplies us with another 1967 picture, his class 5-4. Mrs. Saperstein was the teacher. Mike is seated on the floor, second from the right. I recognize Pat Rubino, also seated, second from left, and Gary Bredow, top row, first on the left.
Class 1-7, 1968
From Karen (Baney) Pineda. She identifies herself in the sailor dress but we need help IDing most of the group. Thanks to Noreen Lavan for pointing out the teacher in the picture is her great-aunt, Mrs. Kelly, who was my first-grade teacher in 1963.
Class picture, 1967,1968
Dee Gordon sends over both her 2nd grade and 3rd grade pictures from 1967 and 1968.
P.S. 108, 1968
From Elsie Feiner; "The teacher is Judy Herman, the year 1968. The students are Anthony Robinson, Maurice Bermani, Romeu Hilgenstieler, Mary Apieconek, Marianne Agarienzo, Tulay Kublati, Rose Ann Smith, and Robert Davis" .
Class 3-6, 1968
My cousin John also comes up with his 1968 class pic with Mr. McMahon. John is second row all the way on the left.
P.S. 108 Report Card
John sends in his 3rd grade report card (cover only!) He reminded me of a funny line I recall from 4th grade in the story below.
Class 5-6, 1968
Dom Most comes through with our 5th grade class picture. Mr. Averack took over for Mrs. Falk, who went on maternity leave, which also happened to us in 4th grade. Your webmaster is in the second row, second from the left, and I'm going to take a stab at IDing my classmates.
P.S. 108, 1970s
Thanks to former 108 classmate Glenn Youngelman for this shot from the early 70s of the corner.
Class picture, 1972
My brother Lou, front row far left, finally coughs up his first grade picture in 1972. What a small class! I noted that this picture was shot in the basement, where the cafeteria was (though we always went home for lunch). Lou recalls that he used to play with Eugene Ng (third from right, second row) in his family's laundromat right near Charlie Wilder's on Fulton Street. Anthony Liccardo takes a stab at some IDs
Note my brother's kindergarten teacher above; Elise (Avella) Feiner is Mrs. Avella's daughter and she has sent in a trove of memories. On the left, her mother teaching kindergarten in 1968, and on the right the class prepares for Halloween in 1972.
Two more from Elise; that's Mrs. Avella in the hallway during what appears to be a book fair, and on the right in the school office in 1976.
Class 4-3, Mr. Goldstein, 1971
From Karen (Baney) Pineda. She takes a stab IDing some classmates, we need some help. "Back row: Clifford, Eugene, Michael, Edward, Luke, Avery Johnson, Steven, Robert.
Third row: Donald, Joseph G., Josephine B., Molise, Jayne, Janet, Patricia Gerges, William.
Second row: Angela, Lorraine, Josephine, Delvorah, Diane, Brenda, Edna, Susanne and Karen Baney (seems I always get that end seat)
Front on floor: Craig, Joseph Hernandez, Ralph, Nicholas.
Class 5-3, Mrs. Quirk, 1972
Also from Karen (Baney) Pineda- "Back row: Mrs. Gaddy (teacher's aid), Diane, Julie, Linda, Patricia Gerges, Jeannette, Lucrecia, Grace, Wanda Bossa, Sonia.
Third row: John Paula, Karen Baney, Josephine, Kenneth Keenan, Toni, Carmen, Delvorah, Vivian.
Second row: Roger, Ralph, William, Joseph B., Luke, Chris, Joseph Hernandez.
Front row: George Castro, Craig, Avery Johnson, George Vasquez (or Velasquez) and Amando.
Class 5-4, 1972
Stella Mostacciuolo, the younger sister of my classmate Dominic, not only sent in this 1972 class picture and key but held a reunion in June 2008! You can find some reunion pix on the Reunions page.
Class picture, 1973,1974
My youngest brother Gary finally comes up with his class pictures. On the left, 1973 kindergarten with Mrs. Adolph. On the right, his 1974 first grade pic with Mrs. Goldenberg.
Class 2-204 Picture, 1976
From Mike Abney (4th from left, top row). He was friends with my brother Gary (2nd row, 1st on left). The teacher was Mrs. Waldman. On the right, the third grade pic with Mrs. Friedman.
Class picture, 1975
As mentioned above, Elise (Avella) Feiner is the daughter of Mrs. Avella. She found the site and has sent in a bunch of pix including this shot of her mother's 1st grade class in 1975.
Class picture, 1976,1977
Two more from Elise, of her mother's first grade classes in 1976 and 1977.
Class picture, 1977,1978
Again, from my brother Gary. 4th grade class with Mr. Vincent on the left and 5th grade class with Mrs. Ferrara on the right.
Class Play, circa 1977
My brother Gary and his class performing a play in the auditorium around 1977.
Class 6-1, 1977 and Class 6-1, 1979
From brothers Lou and Gary. Mrs. Alter was the 6-1 teacher in 1979. Dean Stern IDs himself in the back row next to Mrs. Alter. Anthony Liccardo attempts to ID his classmates from 1977.
Graduation, 1977
We heard from Edi Beckler Goldberg, who taught at P.S. 108 in the 70s and 80s, and she identified assistant principal Edwin Rudetsky standing with my brother Lou after the 1977 graduation ceremony. Anthony Liccardo tipped me off that Mr. Rudetsky's son Michael was a keyboardist in the group Culture Club who tragically died of a heroin overdose at Boy George's house in 1985.
My brother Gary has his own embarassing graduation contribution; a class t-shirt from 1980.
P.S. 108, Class 5-1, 1980, Class 6-1, 1981
Cynthia Rivera (middle row, second from left)supplies her 1980 Class 5-1 picture, and although she moved she has the class picture from the following year as well.
P.S. 108, Class 3-B, 1993
Thanks to Wendy, (seated, white sweater and blue jeans) for her third grade class picture. The teacher was Mr. Gonzalez, assisted by Mrs. Rosa. Wendy noted that the sixth grade had been brought back by then, only to be eliminated by the time she reached 5th grade.
The school in 2005, cleaned up very nicely. Note the tops of the chimneys are gone, no record of when they were removed.
Some articles on the school from the Brooklyn Eagle Online site
Feb 4, 1895 "Two New Public Schools"
October 11, 1895 "Nearly 4,000 Pupils Barred"-Article on overcrowding and new schools
December 12, 1895 "Opening of the New School in the 26th Ward"
April 18, 1896 -"New Bell for 108"