Public School 64

Located on the north side of Belmont Ave. between Berriman and Atkins.

Public School 64, 1892
The building most folks remember is not the original school. I don't have a build date yet for this structure but this picture appeared in an 1892 review of schools in the East New York area. The school was built on the farmland of Joseph Hegeman who also served as an early trustee of the school. That appears to be the newly built El running on Pitkin in the background, suggesting the school faced west to Berriman. From the Brian Merlis Archives.
New Public School 64, 1901
Maker:Brooklyn Daily Eagle Dated:1906 Status: Own
Public School 64, Belmont Ave. corner Berriman
Maker: J. Shinske Dated: unk Status: Own(BG)
The wood structure is actually moved over to Linwood Street and New Lots Avenue and becomes home to the St. Gabriel's congregation. The new brick structure opens in 1901. The Brooklyn Eagle card image was taken shortly after construction was completed. The Shinske card on the right was taken after the 1906 additions.
Public School 64, East New York
Maker: Fred Plate Dated: 1912 Status: Own(BG)

Belmont Ave Looking east from Berriman
Maker: Joseph Shinske Dated: 1910 Status: Own(BG)
Public School 64, Belmont and Atkins
Maker: Wm. Fick Dated: 1910 Status: Own(RG)

Public School 64, East New York
Maker: Commercial Art Post Card Co. Dated: 1916 Status: Need
Those are very impressive windows on what appears to be the 4th floor in the front. Can anyone confirm to us if that was the auditorium?
Honors Certificate, 1930s
Roberta Beary shared her mother's honors certificate from circa 1935.
Monsignor Charles P. Boccio
A little alumni tidbit from Ronnie Amerise; "When I was in the 7th and 8th grade at Berriman Jr High School 64, there was a kid in my class, his name was Charles Boccio. When I graduated in 1950, he wasn't at the school anymore. I think he went to a special school to prepare himself to become a priest. Sure enough, later on in years, the year was 1961, I read in the local town paper that he was going to say his first solemn mass at St. Rita's June 10 1961. I went to the church, and I happened to see him outside the church before mass and congratulated him, and wished him lots of luck. He remembered me. He went on to become a monsignor."
Public School 64, Honor Thrift Class 1951
Many thanks to Carol Leone for sending a classic East New York Savings Bank Honors Thrift Class picture from 1951!
Public School 64 Senior Day, 1952
Marilyn (Rosen) Cantor surprised me with this 1952 image. Taken with her friend Sandra Serota, they are dressed for "Senior Day". I thought "Baby Day" was only a Franklin K. Lane tradition, so now we're wondering when did it start (and end). The picture was taken in front of 297 Atkins Avenue.
PS 64,Class, 4-1 1955
Richard Basmagy sent over this shot. That's his wife, Jo Leone, in the front row, first seat. Jo recalls the teacher was Mrs. Schotenfeld.
Public School 64, 1952
Thanks to Dan Bivona for being the first to send over any shots of P.S. 64. On the left is his first grade class picture and on the right a shot in the schoolyard, both from 1952.
Public School 64, 1953
Thanks to Stephen Lorber for send over his 1953 Class 4-1 picture.
Public School 64, Class 2-2, 1955, Class 3-1, 1955
Thanks to Frank Cassano for 2 class pix from 1955 and 1956.
Public School 64, Class 1-5, 1956
I found this on EBay, perhaps someone can ID themselves or a friend.
Public School 64, 1957
Thanks to Paula (Smith) Sorvillo and her brother Tony for sending over his class picture from tthe 1957-58 school year. Also from 1957, Frank Cassano supplies class 5-3.
Public School 64, 1962
Thanks to Frank Cassano for shots from his 1962 Yearbook.
Public School 64, 1962
Thanks to Frank Cassano for shots from his 1962 Yearbook.
Public School 64, 1962
Also from the 1962 yearbook, including the section of senior pictures which included Frank. I'll add all the seniors shortly.
P.S. 64 Location, 2006
The shot on the left is from Rod Maggio's 1982 series. His mother attended the school from 1912 to 1920. The school was closed in 1974. Jerry Blumengarten confirms the Principal in 1969 was Lazarus J. Braffman, followed by Milton J. Greenberg, then Vicki Harris. Rod recalls the building was demolished around 1983. The housing development that replaced the school was built in 1990.