Pine Street

Located between Euclid and Crescent, Pine Street only runs from Atlantic Avenue to Etna Street. It picks up again south of Conduit. Thanks to Daniel Prine for kickstarting this page with pictures from the seventies.

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Kelly Mansion
We start with a bit of a detour. Noreen Lavan sent his image of the Kelly Mansion from the early 1900s. Noreen also sent historical notes indicating the mansion was located off Pine Street between Atlantic and Fulton. I've done some research and all the work can be seen on the Kelly mansion page.
Pine St., 1977
Daniel Prine sent these shots he took after a blizzard in 1977. The first is a view north up to Fulton from his home at 168 Pine. Note that Pine zigzags at Fulton before continuing to Etna. The second is a view south towards Atlantic.
Pine St. from El, 1977
The Crescent St. station looks down on Pine St. as seen in Dan's shot from 1977. On the right, a night shot from the 70's looking north towards Fulton.
Fulton Lounge, 1977
The first shot is a view west down Fulton from Crescent towards Pine. Dan reminisces;"The Fulton Lounge was located on the south side of Fulton Street between Pine St and Crescent St.. this is where I had my first beers... I remember the old timers returning from their fishing outings watching The Mets on the black and white TV and the chiller with saltines..cheese slices.. pickles..onions... they looked gross but after a few cold ones they tasted so good.. They also served Stewart sandwiches ( maybe the pre cursor to the microwave.. ) it was a dive but we had lots of fun there."
Dan recalls:"Bill worked at the candy store at the foot of the Crescent St stop on the south side..right next to Crescent Bakery.. he is pictured here sweeping out the snow ..he was there for a very long time and I remember him collecting all the "silver" coins that came through the shop..I used to run errands for him to the local candy / cigarette distrubutor which is still located at Ridgewood and Crescent. Wilbur McCellaney ( red t shirt & beard) who lived on Pine Street and worked at his brothers liquor store which was located on Pine and Fulton St.. he was a great character from the area who left us too early...."
Northeast corner, Fulton and Pine St. 1941
Reasonable shot, I wonder if anyone recognizes themselves in the tax photos?On the right, Peter Stango supplied this photo of his uncle Andy. We both believe that is the same northeast corner of Fulton and Pine in the background, but it is no longer Rudy's Dress Shoppe. We can make out Krug's Shoes on the corner, and we suspect this photo is about 2-3 years later.

103 and 107 Pine Street
Now we're north of Fulton Street. Mike Pettersson sent over this shot of his mother in front of 103 Pine Street in 1953. In the background is an unusual house, 107 Pine Street. Bob Leonardi sent over the 2004 photo of this house. Former Pine Street residents Brian and Marianne Black, Mike Pettersson as well as big time site supporter Peter Stango all informed me the Nobile family lived here in the 60s and 70s. The house is on the 1893 maps back when it was the only one on that side of the block. Apparently at one time the property had milling structures in the backyard and perhaps a former carpenter added the columns to the house at some point. The date those columns were added remains a mystery we continue to research. A house at 81 Essex Street has the same columns, and a check of the 1941 tax photos show the columns were in place at both houses back then as well.

107 Pine Street
I've been researching 107 Pine and those infamous columns. I believe the house was built between 1886 and 1893 without the columns. An English woman lived there at the time of the 1900 census. In 1903 the house is put on the market, and this ad in the New York Telegram described the house as "cosey" (sp). In 1904 the house is purchased by Frank Hockin, an Englishman. He is listed in the 1910 census as a staircase builder, and he constructs a milling shop in the rear of the property. In the 1908 insurance map on the left I have the property circled and two wooden buildings appear in the rear of the property. On the right is a description of the property when it was listed in 1915, though Hockin was still living there at the time of the 1920 census. We know the columns were in existence by 1918, so my theory is that he added the columns, partially to help promote his business.
103 Pine Street, 1953, 1968
Mike Pettersson's family was connected to 103 Pine Street for 50 years. His grandfather's uncle bought the house in 1927 and it passed through the family up to 1977. That's his aunt Joan in front of the house in 1953, with a view north up Pine. In the second shot friends David Howell and Eddie Bogart play fighting in front of the house in 1968, the year Mike says they redid the stoop and added new siding. Mike recalls an incident with the iron fencing; "I remember one Halloween I was on the porch of 107 and wanted to hop over the fence. I caught my ankle in between 2 of the ornaments on the iron fence and pivoted right over. Luckily I was small for my age (9 or 10) and came down rather easily, although it must have looked a lot worse than it was."

121 Pine Street
John Riccardi sent this picture of his grandfather in the 1930s, and at first it was thought to be the rear of 107 Pine, which conflicts with the stories that the remains of a milling operation were in the rear of the yard. We now believe it is 121 Pine. The el along Crescent is visible in the background.
Pine Street, 1970s
Mike Pettersson also supplied these shots from the early 1970s when a police arrest on the block caused quite a commotion and brought out all the neighbors. On the left Mike took a guess that the couple was the Sciortinos in front of his house. That's Blessed Sacrament's hall in the background. On the right, a view of the action and all the neighbors on the block.
Pine Street, 1970s
I believe taken the same day; Mike IDs the Ryan family in the photo on the left. We thought it was the Black family on the right, but we heard from Marianne Black who informed me it was not her family nor her house. Mike now informs me this was the Bartlett family.
Pine St., 2004
Bob Leonardi also sent over these two shots from 2004; the first is a view north. The white fence on the left belongs to the Blessed Sacrament Parish building facing Pine. The second is a view south towards Fulton.
Ridgewood and Pine, 2005
Tom DeVoy sent over this shot; I was intrigued by the unusual roofline.