Postcard Update

Brian Merlis shared some great Cypress Hills postcards with me, and I dug into some book "outtakes" from the collection of Bob Stonehill along with my own recent acquisitions to create a set not yet seen on this site.

Grant Avenue, Cypress Hills
This was tricky to spot. The view is south towards Atlantic Avenue from the top of the block near Fulton Street.
Nichols Avenue, Cypress Hills
Also looking south to Atlantic Avenue. The title in the card is hard to see but it says "winter scene".
"Anfield Street", Cypress Hills
A typo; Elderts Lane was known as "Enfield Street" at the time. The view is north to Ridgewood Ave. Oddly, neither Google or Bing Streetviews cover this block, so the update view is looking west.
Norwood Avenue
Looking north towards Jamaica Avenue. Note in this card and the one above the streets are not paved. In the distance there is a horse-drawn vehicle.
Pine Street
Looking north to Etna Street.
Richmond St., looking north Cypress Hills NY
Looking north towards Etna Street. Andrews Methodist is visible on the right.
Ridgewood Avenue
The view is east in both these cards. The El running along Crescent Street is visible in the distance and looks deceptively close. The view in the card on the left is towards Richmond Street, on the right is one block further east, to Chestnut.
Ridgewood Avenue east to Chestnut today
Google streetview for some reason does not have the block between Logan and Ridgewood, but here is the view looking east towards Chestnut today.
Pitkin Avenue, Looking east from Berriman Street
We move out of Cypress Hills, and this gets the award for least recognizable today.
Old Mill, Surdez Hotel and Spring Creek House
Two hotels down at the Old Mill.
You could argue this is equally unrecognizable- this is an aerial of the Old Mill area today.
Highland Boulevard
These 2 cards are almost identical. The colorized Commercial Art card on the left refers to Highland Boulevard as the "Eastern Parkway extension". At one time it was envisioned that Highland Boulevard would be extended east all the way to Forest Park. Eventually the Interboro Parkway replaced those plans.
St. John's interior
I'm officially an ENY nerd- I found this card at a postcard show in the 'unidentified' section. I recognized not only the interior but the "75th anniversary-1922" notation (the church was founded in 1847) .
Elton Street
This is a very nice view looking north to Ridgewood Avenue around 1907.