Lutheran Church of the Reformation

My family church, founded in 1898 by those interested in attending Lutheran services in English. St. John's on New Jersey Ave. at the time performed the services in German. The full name at founding was the English Evangelical Lutheran Chuch of the Reformation. The building at 105 Barbey was dedicated April 15, 1909.

The original church building was located on Schenck Ave., between Liberty and Atlantic Ave. Originally a Swedish Lutheran Church, it was being used as a horse wagon shop when it was rented for $10/month.The first service was held Feb. 13, 1898
The second church, located at the southeast corner of Pennsylvania and Liberty, was the former Congregational Church. This was used from 1901 until the opening of the building we know in 1909.
This church bulletin from 1918 shows an early view of the church but also displays some interesting details. The street address is given as "63 Barbey" but we know it is 105 Barbey; that indicates the street must have been renumbered at some point. The second is the phone number " East New York 1285-w"
This 1920 photo is of the first parsonage, located at 227 Arlington Ave.and purchased for $8,000.
Lutheran Church of the Reformation
Dated: 1914 Maker: Kraus Status: Own (BG)

Barbey Street and Evangelical Church of the Reformation
Maker: Fick Dated: 1910 Status: Own (RG)
A cool Fick view of the block, including what appears to be a stand to tie a horse at the bottom and the "haunted house" on Highland Boulevard looking down way in the distance.
Nice early interior views. The one on the left is from 1909. The baptismal font was eventually moved from the center aisle to the side.
Mary Ellen Walz sent in this picture of her father's 1928 confirmation class. She also supplied names of the class; Rev. Harry C. Kline- Allinger, Dorrothy- Armbruster, Georgiana- Behrens, Kenneth- Brink, Viola- Brunnemann, Alfred- Carlson, Gladys- Herting, Dorothy- Hilderbrandt, Clifford- Hilderbrandt, Raymond- Klein, Margaret- Miller, Charles- Pfluger, Helen- Roth, Ferdinand L.- Rudh, Paul H.- Schneider, John- Schneider, Ruth- Stauer, Henry- Thierwechter, Louis- Van Tassell, Alice- Weiss, Wilbur- Widkow, Eleanor- .
These two views come from a special 1943 Easter album.
Steve Rothamel supplied these images of his parents wedding at the church in 1948.
Anniversary Parade, 1961, 1967
We marched in the Anniversary parades throughout the 60s; this blurry shot is our first, which always started in front of the church. On the right, my cousins are prepared to march in the 1967 parade. There is a page devoted to the parades here.
Church basement, 1964
That's older brother Bruce dressed as the toy soldier during the church's Christmas Fair in 1964.
Church basement, Christmas
On the left the sleigh where 'Santa' posed for pictures during the Holiday Fair. The elaborate chalk drawing in the background was done by my Aunt Rusty. On the right, the stage set up for the fair. Both pictures are from the mid 1960s.
Interior, 1967
This interior shot is from a Christmas card made in 1967. This is actually the second floor of the church. The 'basement' is only a few steps down from street level, and is where we held Sunday School classes.
Confirmation, 1970
An interior shot of yours truly with Pastor Trudo. Nice Clark Kent glasses. On the right, Pastor Huneke, the 9th and final Pastor to serve Reformation. He began his service on February 1, 1973 and led the congregation for 40 years, up to his passing in the fall of 2013.
Closing, February 23, 2014
Following Pastor Huneke's death, the Synod formally closed Reformation with a service on February 23, 2014.
Closing, February 23, 2014
These sections outline the formal closing steps that were taken at the end of the service.
Closing, February 23, 2014
After the service, congregants took final tours of the church. I took shots of the stained glass windows which had been imported from Austria in 1909. I noted for the first time at the bottom of the first set the words;"Presented by Charles Schieren Feb 28, 1909". Schieren was the Mayor of Brooklyn.
Closing, February 23, 2014
A dinner in the church basement followed the final service. I snapped a picture of the cornerstone before I left.