Schenck Avenue
North of Atlantic

Originally part of the Schenck Farm.

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Arlington Avenue East from Schenck Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Dated:1911 Maker: Wm. Fick Status: Own(BG)
That's the former Trinity Episcopal Church on the left. Its hidden behind trees in the 2005 photo. This church is still an Episcopal Church, now known as St. Josephs. The congregation dates to 1850, and they first used the Old Dutch Reformed building, relocating it to Wyona Street. This structure was dedicated in October of 1886. The name change took place circa 1980 when the congregation joined the American Episcopal Church. For more pictures and history, visit the Trinity Episcopal Church page.
Greg Goldstein sent this shot of his mother back in the 1960s under a photo labelled "Diane Cardone's house". It's the northwest corner of Schenck and Arlington, and you can see Trinity Episcopal in the background. This location has some history, see below.
That northwest corner is a large lot, and multiple structures sit on it. At the turn of the century, the land was owned by Frank C. Lang, who converted a structure on the property to a 'casino', which back then meant a public entertainment hall. The undated photo on the left from "Good Old East New York" is of the casino. Thephoto on the right is the structure in 2007, a bit bizarre looking with a number of satellite dishes on the roof. I would be interested if anyone knew the people who lived there over the years and the story behind that structure .
Much to my horror, the Lang Casino structure was wiped out along with the large house in April 2008. In May 2010 I captured the six townhomes being completed on the site.
Tim O'Reilly sends over these shots from 1990 of those really nice houses off the southeast corner. This outstanding house was once the domain of Dr. May back in the 30s and 40s, and he delivered Tim's mother at Lutheran Hospital. Update:Richard Adazzio tipped me off this house is on the market now.
Southwest corner, Arlington and Schenck
Neil Sullivan sends over the 1939 tax photo as well as the 2006 update.
81 Schenck
Elise (Avella) Feiner sent over a number of shots of her home at 81 Schenck and the block. Here she is in front of the house in 1968 and an update shot 40 years later.
Again from 1968, the view is south down the east side of Schenck towards Fulton as well as a view of that side of the block in 2008.
The next series from Elise was taken in 1963, and in the pictures are Karen and Adrienne Khoury. That's the west side of Schenck south of Arlington in the background and the 2008 shot.
The second 1963 shot is looking south down the west side of Schenck.
> Schenck Ave
Dated:1910 Maker: Wm. Fick Status: Own(BG)
The view is north up Schenck from the middle of the block towards Arlington. The house on the left side of the postcard is 90 Schenck, pictured on the right today. The house to the right of it in the current photo did not exist when the postcard image was taken. The first full house on the right is 81 Schenck.
Corner of Fulton and Schenck Ave.
1939 tax photo, northwest corner.
2005 photo also contributed by Neil.The BEDC site indicates this building was built in 1990. Mike Suchocki adds; "on the corner of Schenck & Fulton was POLKS BAR--Owned by Ed Polk, The bartender was a great guy named Hugh Doherty. This was in the 40's & 50's --I remember it up until 1962. Even though it was on Schenck it was also called --THE WARWICK INN -- A real great hang out."
P.S. 290 effectively replaced P.S. 76. Located on the southeast corner of Fulton and Schenck, it was the site of a lumberyard in the 60s and 70s. Agree Vasquez becomes the first to send in a P.S. 290 class picture, class 3-4 in 1980.
Atlantic and Schenck Avenues, ca. 1966
The first view is east, and we can the Borden Plant on the right. The other view is west on Atlantic across Schenck.
Atlantic and Schenck Avenues, ca. 1966
This view is north along Schenck across Atlantic. The el on Fulton is visible in the distance.