St. John's

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran was organized in 1847. Organized by German immigrants, the formal name of the church was St. Johannes Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche. Services were in german, and in fact it was the refusal to offer english services that led to the formation of the Lutheran Church of Reformation on Barbey St. at the turn of the century. Still standing, the church is now the Grace Baptist Church.

St. Johannes Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche
On June 16, 1847 he congregation pays $100 for 3 lots on the southeast corner of New Jersey and Liberty Avenues, and on September 17, 1847 a new wood church is dedicated, built at a cost of $1800. The first Pastor is J. G. Zeumer. According to Heidenreich, when the church was founded there were a total of 39 homeowners in the town. The Germans in East New York had migrated from Hanover, Schleswig-Holstein, and Mecklenberg.
St. Johannes Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche
The church is enlarged in 1868, with a bell tower and an extension. The bell was named "Concordia" and was dedicated December 13, 1868. The expanded church is pictured here in 1890. The church purchased an additional two lots in 1864 for $900 to construct a horse shed as many parishioners were traveling a long distance to attend.
St. John's Lutheran Church, New Jersey Ave. near Liberty
Maker: Brooklyn Eagle Postcard Co. Dated : Unk Status: Need
This turn of the century card shows the new church, dedicated May 1, 1898. It was built south of the old church at 223 New Jersey Ave. The minister at the time was Dr. J Holstein. The building pictured at the end of the block which replaced the old church was a Borden Milk plant. Electric lights were added to the church in 1910.
St. John's interior
I'm officially an ENY nerd- I found this card at a postcard show in the 'unidentified' section. I recognized not only the interior but the "75th anniversary-1922" notation (the church was founded in 1847) .
St. John's interior, 1937
The church issued a pamphlet in 1937 entitled "Golden Memories in 90 Years of Service to the Lord". This interior shot comes from that pamphlet- there are some changes visible against the 1922 image.
St. John's Sunday School, 1937
From the same pamphlet; my mother would be in this group 2 years later.
St. John's
This NYPDL image dates from 1940.
8mm Film, St. John's 1947
The video is my aunt's wedding at St John's, with views primarily north up New Jersey Avenue in April 1947.
St. John's Basketball team, 1951
Straight from my mother's photo album, with all players identified.
Pastor Otten, 1950s
Pastor Otten was a long time figure at the church, starting in 1928. He baptized and confirmed my mother as well as performed her wedding ceremony. These shots of him are taken near the church in the early 1950s at Easter.
St. John's Altar, 1954
Taken on Easter Sunday.
Wedding, St. Johns, Feb. 5, 1955
Inspired by Elsie Anzalone who sent over her St. Malachy's wedding picture, I am including 2 shots inside the church of my parent's wedding.
Grace Baptist Church, 2006
Neil Sullivan sends in the update photo of the church, now known as Grace Baptist, in 2006. The congregation took over the building in 1972.