St. Malachy's

St. Malachy's closed its doors in 2009 and merged with St. Michael's. The building was demolished in January 2011.

St. Malachy's was founded as an out-mission for the Holy Cross Church in Flatbush around 1853. Father Bohan of Holy Cross offered mass at the dining room of Louis Altebrand's Hotel on Atlantic Avenue and Vermont Street. The church was dedicated on April 9, 1854.

St. Malachys Church, East New York
Dated:Circa 1900 Maker:Wm. Fick Status: Own (BG)
Neil Sullivan provided the 2006 shot. According to the Brooklyn Eagle, there were no homes between the Howard House and the church at this point. In 1862 most of this land was occupied by tents housing Union soldiers for the Civil War.
St. Malachys R.C. Church, East New York
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This postcard view circa 1910 gives a longer view of the block. On the right, a view of the church in 1936.
This view is looking west from Hendrix Street along Atlantic Avenue in 1941. The first resident Pastor of St. Malachy's is Father Creighton, who is called in 1862. Sometime in the mid-1860's he purchases a 3-story brick building, seen here, and arranges for a rear addition to the building to house a school. The original portion of the building houses an orphanage that will move out to Rockaway Park in 1895. The fence in the foreground surrounded the school built in 1884, no longer standing at the time of this image.
St. Malachys R.C. School, Atlantic Ave. and Hendrix Street
Dated:1910 Maker:Wm. Fick Status: Own (BG)

Father Creighton founds the Young Mens Education Society in 1868, before leaving for the Pastorate of Our Lady of Victory. The Sisters of St. Joseph join in 1871. The wood building in the postcard was constructed by the Young Men's Catholic Lyceum Society in 1884, with the school occupying the first floor. This building was gutted by fire on January 8, 1929 and subsequently demolished. Neil Sullivan sent the picture of the new school which was opened in 1958. The school merged with St. Michaels in 1979 and uses the old St. Michael's High School for Girls facility.
St. Malachys Home, circa 1910
I've upgraded these images,which are not in East New York. St. Malachy's founded a home for orphaned children in 1873, which was moved out to Rockaway Park in 1895. They occupied this building in 1898. Located at Beach 112th Street, it continued in use until St. John's Home for Boys opened a new facility a block away in 1951. Stella Maris High School, an all-girls Parochial school, would build a new facility in this location in 1955. That school closed in 2010, and the building now houses Martin De Porres High School..
St. Malachys graduation class, 1933
I found this image of the class of 1933 which apparently belonged to Carolyn Pavone, id'd as 5th from the right on the botttom. A small mystery; I found the Pavone family in the 1920 census at 2259 Pitkin Ave. In the 1930 census, the parents are still there but listed with 4 boarders; Carolyn and her sister are not listed though they would have been aged 10 and 13 respectively. Maybe with other relatives? I couldn't find them anywhere in the 1930 census. .
St. Malachys graduation class, 1938
Thanks to Art Pirozzi for sending over his father's 1938 class picture, though ironically his father is not in the picture..
St. Malachys graduation class, 1941
Big thanks to Mike McGrath for this high quality 1941 class image, taken behind the church. As with the image above, it appears the girls all wear the same dress.His father Joseph is second from the left in the back row. Interesting male-female ratio in this class..
St. Malachys, 1946
Thanks to Richard Nowak for sending over his mother's January 1946 graduation class picture. Evidently the "winter" class is smaller and the picture was taken indoors- but note everyone is in gowns..
St. Malachy's Report Card- 1944, 1949
I found this on Ebay. All you parochial school veterans will appreciate the tracking of masses attended and communions received.
St. Malachy's baseball, 1940s
Linda Morris sent in this image, believed to be from the late 1940's, of a St. Malachy's team.
St. Malachy's Wedding and Baptism
From my cousin's family album. My aunt's wedding at St. Malachy's, November 6, 1954. On the right - the baptism, August 7th, 1955.
St. Malachys Weddings
Elise Feiner sent over this 1963 shot outside the church after a wedding; that's her mother (my brother's first grade teacher!) near the bottom of the photo.

Wedding at St. Malachy's, 1957
Elsie Anzalone sends over a wedding picture from 1957!
School groundbreaking parade, 1958
Mario Zambrano supplied these shots taken on Hendrix Street in 1958. There are more shots from the parade on the Hendrix Street page.

John Clemente II attended Kindergarten in the old building, then 1st grade (Sister Thomas Virginia) and second grade (Sister Ann Pius) pictured here. Father Dohini was pastor. Then he died & was succeeded by Father Kleinklaus. I asked John if he remembered the old building and moving to the new one: "Sure ! My classroom was in the basement. I remember that there were narrow windows close to the ceiling. There must have been close to a hundred kids in the class, too ! At least it seemed that way. . . At least 70. I hated the atmosphere. When it was raining it was dark, damp, & cold. When it was nice out, you felt like you were trapped in a bloody dungeon ! LOL. When school was over & they let us out, all the parents would wait for us outside in that little school yard to walk us home, a big crowd of them... I attended during the transition & remember waiting & keeping tabs on the progress of the construction of the new building, which had a fallout shelter. We had regular "duck & cover" fire drills. Also, I went to my first wake, for a teacher who died, a Mrs. O'Brien. Had nightmares for months afterwards. We had regular coupon drives to raise money for the new building, after we were already in it. We sold Junket Renet Custard, & turn these coupons in to the nuns. "
St. Malachy's, Van Siclen Avenue, fireman's funeral
I'm hoping someone recalls this event and can pinpoint a date or the name of the fallen fireman. My own research only turned up one possibility; firefighter Robert Neal died while fighting a blaze at Junius Street in 1961. However I believe these images may be circa 1964.
St. Malachy's, fireman's funeral
The brownstones along Van Siclen are still there today, though we all know St. Malachy's was demolished and a smallplayground is on the site today.
St. Malachy's 7th grade 1968, 1969
We haven't had much luck with class pictures from St. Malachy's, but Joann Montgomery broke the streak with shots from her cousins 7th grade classes in 1968 and 1969.
Demolition, January 2011
Art Pirozzi and Tom Hammond kept me posted on St. Malachy's demolition. Art sent the picture on the left in December 2010 just before the rectory on the left was demolished. Tom sent me the picture on the right in January 2011 after the church was razed.