St. Rita's Class Pictures

This page is holding all the class pictures from St. Rita's

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St. Ritas class of June 1934
Our earliest class picture to date comes from Leonora Licata, who sends over her mother Francesca's 1934 class picture. Note the small number of boys in the class. Lee also sends over her mother's diploma, signed by Thomas Molloy, for whom the school Archbishop Molloy High School was named.
St. Ritas class of 1935 and 1936
Carol (Sabatino) Courcy supplied the 1935 picture of her father's 1935 class, regarded as the first to attend the 8 full years at the school. Peter Stango sent over the class picture from 1936 on the right, featuring his Aunt Rose (third row down, second from right).
St. Ritas class of 1946, 1948
This picture on the left comes courtesy of Phil Mastriano. On the right, Lou Della Croce, via his brother Tony, sends over his 1948 pic. Monsignor Testagrossa, the Pastor, is seated in front. Lou is standing, second from right
St. Ritas class of 1949
Phil Santella sent over this shot and identifies Father Testagrossa in the class picture.
St. Rita's Silver Jubilee, 1952
Thanks to Charles Passantino with help from Mike Biscuiti for this early class photo. Matt Shelfo sent the pic on the right. Note they both commemorate the silver jubilee but one uses 1926 as the start year and one uses 1927.
St. Rita's, 1953
Thanks to Ed Farrell for his class pic, and to Angela (Competello) Polazzolo for helping with IDs; Top row: Jimmy McKeever, Unknown, John Keaveny (drowned at Jamaica Bay the summer of 1953), Joseph Napier, Phillip Panzarella, Biaggio Geremiah (rumored to have been killed in a gang fight, but in fact Ed confirmed he is alive and well..), Louis Mallardi, Frank LaBianca, Vincent Gallagher, Edward P. Farrell...
Middle row: Antoinette Giacone, Rosemary Palazzolo (no relation to Angela Competello Polazzolo), Mary Bovaro, Angela Competello, Genevieve Gavin, Grace Rinaldi, Lucille Miranda, and Judy Faber (uncertain of this last one).
Bottom row: Unknown, Ann Marie Ambrosio, JoAnne Sabella, Unknown, Father Fusco, Louise Mazilla (Uncertain of this one), Louise Carisetti, Unknown, Carmela Fragale (Uncertain of this one). The nuns were Sr. Mary Alphius on the left and Sr. Mary Alphonso on the right. Sr. Mary Alphonso was the principal. Fr. Fusco (center) was the pastor, having succeeded Father Testagrossa.
St. Rita's 1953, 1955
Thanks to Charles Passantino with help from Mike Biscuiti for this 1953 class photo. On the right, Tony Della Croce sends over his 1955 graduation shot. William Deliberti is Eleanor's brother, children of the owner of the famous Willies Lemon Ices. Tony Davenport recalls Al Yevoli became a policeman and was the scoutmaster for his troop#116 which met in the St. Rita's basement.
St. Rita's ,1956
Angela (Gironta) Timpone sends over her 1956 class picture- there were two sixth grade classes, 6A and 6B. This is class 6A with sister Olga. Angela is on the far left. On the right, from Charles Passantino, class 4A.
St. Rita's 1956
Thanks to Matt Shelfo for the 1956 graduation shot. Lenore Catapano sends over a 1956 shot of Class 1B. It's her sister Francine's class, and Francine is sitting 3rd row from the left 3 seats back.
St. Rita's, Class 5-A 1956
Thanks to Mike Della Croce, for sending over his Class 5-A pic via his brother Tony. The nun is Sister Anthony Mary. Mike is standing in the back, 6th from the right. Leonard Marsh contributes some IDs; "Seated (bottom right boys, front to rear) - ? - ? - Richard Barile - ?
(next row girls, front to rear) - ? - ? M. Spinelli ? - Virginia Sheldon Louise Fiorentino (next row girls, front to rear) Veronica Gaglio - ? Marie Casillo - ? Mary Ann Apollo - ? - ? (next row girls, front to rear) Ronseann Provini Brigid Carrillo Mary Montefusco Annette Salvati - ? - ? Phyllis Massucci (next row girls, front to rear) Pat Amore Madelaine Zamminer Caroline De Gennaro - ? - ? Amelia Catapano
Standing (left to right) - ? Richard Basmagy - ? - Thomas Mangiaracina - ? - Joseph Nolan - Leonard Marsh - ? Louis Tribunella - ? Joseph Passantino - ? - ? - ? - ? (Sister Anthony Mary) - ? Jack Parisi Richard Pirrera - ? Michael Soviero John Muccioli - ? Michael Della Croc - ? - Anthony Campetella ? - Anthony Guerriero Stephen Zuccaro

St. Rita's 1956, 1961
Pat Annuziata sent over this 1956 pic of class 3B along with a number of IDs. Michael Biscuiti followed up with a number of additions and corrections. More recently, Tom Kehoe not only added some more names and corrections, but supplied the 1961 graduation picture for this class.

"In the St Rita picure standing from left to right. I'll name them then include a question mark for the ones I don't know. Thomas Sileo-?-Robert Iovino-Pat Annunziata-John Madalony-Joseph Flynn-Frank Boccio-John Mullen-Richard Ariano-Mrs Sherwin-Peter Cicero-Ross Cabisco-?-?-Michael Biscuiti-Michael Applewaite-Jerry Martone-?James Quartuccio-Daniel Mcguinnis-?-Joseph Zollo. Starting with the boys from bottom right (front to back) -Joseph Calandrino-Nino Larocco-?-Thomas Landano. Second row: Carolanne Alaimo-Sheila Rivers-Rita Divone-John Devivo-?-?-?-Thomas Kehoe. Third row: Cecilia Ammirati-?-Genevieve Gallo-?-Carmen Bifulco-Susan Verderosa-Anthony Thomas. Fourth row: ?,?,Linda Spinazolla, Camillle Simione,?,Judith Neri Last row: Geraldine Raggi-Carolee Blanda-?-Janet Vinciguerra-Rosemarie Murphy."
Hoffman Junior Bowling Club
Pat Annuziata sent over this image of the Hoffman Junior Bowling Club at Hales Lanes in the late 50s. That's "Mac" (an owner?) and Mr. Inguantis on the left. Mr. DeLuca and Father Antonelli is on the right. Phil Aguece clarifies that "Mac" is Tom McCune who helped run the league. Mack Kozin was one of the owners. Phil also dates the bowling shot as 1955, the first year of the club.
St. Rita's 1956,1957
Phyllis (Annunziata) Esposito sends over the 1956 picture of Class 7B and the subsequent picture of the graduating class in 1957.
St. Rita's 1959
Richard Basmagy supplied the 1959 graduation picture of his class.
St. Rita's 1962,1960
Lenore Catapano sends over her sister Francine's 7th grade class in 1962. On the right, the class of 1960 from Charles Passantino.
St. Rita's 1961
Thanks to Kathryn (Villacci) Caputo and her brother Paul for sending over the 1961 graduation picture.
St. Rita's 1961,1962
Marie Raffio (nee Sullivan) sends over her 1st grade picture from 1961. Danny Blanda sends over a picture of his sister Carrie's 1st grade class.
St. Rita's 1962
Joseph Perrone sends over Sister Jenita's 4th grade class in 1962. On the right, William Marino sends over his class 3-1 picture from 1962 with Miss Janniello.
St. Rita's 1962
Tom Atanasio sent in this 1962 pic of Sr. Placida's class with Don DiGennaro and Anthony Capone.
St. Rita's 1963
Stephen Inguanta and Nancy George sent this over via Judy Close- Judy notes this was Sister Thomas's class, though she is not pictured. On the right, the other 1963 graduating class.
Vinny Capasso supplied this shot of his 8th grade class, and the graduation picture. "Sabino DeCrescenzo front & center. behind him is Fernando Ferracese who became a Priest. 2nd row 4th seat is myself. 3rd row 3rd seat back is Joe Leccese now a middle school Principal by me. the rest can be identified by matching to the graduation picture".
St. Rita's 1965
Thanks to Marianne (Giugliano) Kobbe for supplying the 1965 class picture.
St. Rita's 1966
If I have it correctly, St. Rita's issued this magazine to commemorate the new church. The next series of shots date from 1966 and are from this publication. Thanks to Danny Blanda and Therese Panariello for forwarding this over. Danny just added the Kindergarten class so I have rearranged these.
St. Rita's 1966
First grade class shots
St. Rita's 1966
It turns out my old pal Pete Colantuoni has the same book, and supplied me with his second grade class picture. I've matched it with other second grade class picture on the right
St. Rita's 1966
The third grade classes. Thanks again to Danny and Therese.
St. Rita's 1966
Finally, a grade 5 shot of Sr. M. Luella's class. Anybody recognize themselves? The second shot is a shot of the altar boys from the 1966 magazine.
St. Rita's 1966
Danny has now sent over the seventh grade classes.
St. Rita's 1966
And finally, the eighth grade classes.
St. Rita's 1966
Joe Perrone sent over the formal picture of the June 1966 class, which matches up with the 1962 shot above. Richard Moore delivers the other graduating class of June 1966.
St. Rita's 1967
William Marino supplies both of the 1967 class pictures. Thanks to Carmela Boccio for help with the second one.
St. Rita's 1968
George Power supplies one 1968 class picture, and Tom Atanasio helps out with the other!
St. Rita's 1969
Frank Lombardo sends over the 1969 class picture which includes site fan Carrie Blanda. Tom Antanasio tracked down the other 1969 class pic for us.
St. Rita's 1970
Tony Davenport helps me to "out" the St. Rita's gang with a photo that includes site fans (all second row) Theresa Panariello (second from right), Cynthia Rongione(second from left), Jacqueline Ruvolo (6th from left) and Anne Salerno (Fifth from left). Tony is pretending to ignore all these cuties from the back row, second from the left. The teacher is Frank Catapano. Ed Giugliano id'd himself, 3rd from right at the top.
Danny Blanda sends over his 5th grade class picture, claiming he can still name 95% of them. Yes Danny, send that list over!
St. Rita's 1970
From David Picascia, the June 1970 Graduation class. Tom Bellissimo, seen in this class picture, has had a long career in Hollywood in the special effects industry. You can see all his credits on the Internet Movie Database ( Atanasio supplied the other class pic on the right.
St. Rita's 1970
From Denise Milo, the 1970 Kindergarten class. Ms. Violet was the teacher, Denise is fourth from the right in the bottom row.
St. Rita's 1970,1973
Thanks to Nilda Ruiz for not only sending over her 3rd grade picture from 1969-70 but her 6th grade picture from 1972-73 as well.
St. Rita's 1970,1971
Thanks to John Marasco for helping us fill the 1971 gap, with both his 7th grade class picture and 1971 graduating class pic.
St. Rita's 1972
The Amazin Cin fires back with the 1972 graduation picture- Alas, Tony had transferred by then and is not in the picture. Old pal Pete Colantuoni came up with the picture of the other class.
St. Rita's 1973
Therese Panariello sends over a 1973 class picture, and Tom Cooper via his brother Guy sends over the his class.
St. Rita's 1972,1973
Denise Milo sends in her class pictures from 1971 (taken in 1972,teacher Sister Kristian) and 1973 (Mrs. Chiarello).
St. Rita's 1974,1975
Continuing Denise's series, 4th and 5th grades with Sister Alice and Mr. Competello.
St. Rita's, 1974
Thanks to Peter Downey for forwarding his 1974 class pic via Therese Panariello.
St. Rita's 1976
Finishing up with Mrs. Manfredi's 6th grade class.
St. Rita's 1975
Thanks to Daniel Brown for the 1975 class pic on the left and to Tom Atanasio for the 1975 pic on the right.
St. Rita's 2nd Grade, 1979, 1981
Marie (Sullivan) Raffio attended St. Rita's and went on to teach there; she sent in these pictures of her second grade classes in 1979 and 1981.
St. Rita's 2nd Grade, 1982, 1983
Also from Marie Raffio, her second grade classes in 1982 and 1983.
St.Rita's 1981
Mike Abney sends in his 7th grade class picture. Mike is third from the right at the top. Mr. Competello was the teacher.
St.Rita's 1981, 1986
Tom Atanasio sent over these 1981 and 1986 class pix.