Temple Sinai

Founded as Bikur Cholim (Visiting the Sick) and incorporated January 19, 1886, the temple at 24 Arlington Avenue was constructed in 1920. The congregation first held meetings at Schiellin's Hall on Atlantic Avenue as far back as 1880.

The first temple
This building originally served the East New York Reformed Church on New Jersey Avenue, and when that congregation chose to build a larger replacement, the building was sold off for a "non-secular" purpose. Eventually it was purchased by the Trinity Episcopal congregation. When they moved to Arlington and Schenck in 1886, this building was was purchased by the Bikor Cholim congregation. It was enlarged in 1908; at that time it was referred to as the Wyona Street Temple. (It was common practice to refer to shuls by their location as opposed to the congregation's name.)
Temple Sinai, 24 Arlington
As seen in 1941 and today. Located on the southwest corner of Bradford and Arlington, it was constructed in 1920 and dedicated in 1921. The congregation left in 1986, after selling the building to a Spanish Pentecostal church, Mision Cristiana Bethesda.
Hebrew School, 1954
On October 4, 1954 ground was broken for a new building next to the temple. Holding the shovels are Mrs. Rosa Dennon and Jacob Cohen. Looking on, left to right, are the Rev. Dr. George T. Gruman, pastor of Trinity Episcopal Church; Maurice Peltz, vice president of the congregation; Samuel Gold, president; Council President Abe Stark; Rabbi Ralph Silverstein and Dr. Max Arzt, vice chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. It appears as early as 1935 there were fundraising efforts for the building, but I was unable to determine why it took 20 years before ground was broken. One other interesting tidbit; Richard Nowak told me his P.S. 76 kindergarten class was held in this building in 1970.
Temple Sinai, Cornerstone and Plaque
A big thanks to William Davis for this series of photographs including the interior. Dr. Maxwell Sacks presided as Rabbi until 1929. Rabbi Morris Rose followed and led the congregation until 1952.
Temple Sinai, Interior 2010
Temple Sinai
Plenty of elements of the Temple remain as a reminder of the previous congregation; Jewish stars adorn the stained glass windows and the 10 Commandments in Hebrew are above the pulpit.
A better view of the organ and the windows.
One more set. Big thanks again to William Davis who took these pictures in 2010.