May 2011 Updates

676 Jamaica Avenue
Starting with my teaser shot, on the right is a view from 1906 from teh Brian Merlis archives. Its hard to tell what business it is, but the partially blocked sign on the lower right is for Horton's Ice Cream. I haven't identified when the buildings to the left were demolished. Robert Hensel dropped me a note to tell me those houses were burned down in February of 1982 and demolished shortly thereafter.
This is an advertising blotter for the Artistic Bronze Company, which was located at 796 Jamaica Avenue, just east of Euclid. I don't think that picture is an image of their building, but an advertisement for the product.
I haven't grabbed an update photo for this 1908 RPPC because the buildings really haven't changed! The location is the south side of Ridgewoood Avenue, just west of Logan Street.
This gem dates to the 1870s. The Creveling family was a multi-generational family lumber and coal business in the East New York area. This image was take on the corner of Norwood and Atlantic Avenues, though I have not yet identified which corner.
Chestnut Street, 1910
The view is looking north along the west side of Chestnut Street, between Etna Street and Ridgewood Avenue. I was intrigued by the architecture of the house right in the middle, which is the only one that has been replaced.
Since we're by Etna Street, I've slipped in 2 photos sent over recently by Ray Tuthill. This is Etna off Nichols, and in the 1965 photo on the left Ray IDS "on left---The Blass' car, John Langley car, Frank The butcher, on rt is John Cerillo car, The Goshers car , Gary Wahlers with dog---403 Etna St." On the right, an earlier undated photo with Dennis Reilly, Ray Tuthill and Ron Genovese.
Here's another old classic. The view is east along Etna Street from Grant Avenue, circa 1915. Unless someone's joining this group it is an awfully lame parade. The church of course is still there, but I don't believe any of those buildings in the background are still around.
Ridgewood and Nichols
This an an upgrade of the poor quality copy I had on the site. The view is west along Ridgewood Avenue across Nichols. The church in the image was replaced with a new building in 1952. With the better image, I was able to make out a sign on the northeast corner building which read "Family entrance". This was typically used by Bar and Grills which had seating for food service, and the seperate entrance allowed families with children to enter without passing the bar. It seems unusual that a bar would sit across from the school so I want to investigate that further.
Mike Albanese sent this 1950 St. Rita's kindergarten picture. He's easy to ID, because he's the only boy without a tie! " (Sister Carmena) put on a tie but I took it off - in the end I won. 28 years later Sister Carmena would watch me get married at St Ritas and gave my wife a rosary as a wedding present. What a saintly woman she was." On the right, Mike picture with his mother in 1958.
Also from 1958, Mikey IDs, "Pete Noto in front of me,Alex Biscuiti behind me and Frank Iovino behind him."