Chestnut Street

North of Atlantic.

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Chestnut St. Incline
In a few spots on the site I have described how the Jamaica Line for a time connected to the LIRR tracks on Atlantic Ave. A set of tracks curved down Chestnut off Fulton and came down to grade level at Atlantic Ave. I managed to track down some details and they can be found on the LIRR page here Thanks to Neil for finding the excellent image on the left.
Frank the Butcher, 1967
Peter Stango sent in this shot of his brother Mike working with "Frank the Butcher". Apparently everyone in the area knew Frank, whose butcher shop was on Fulton between Chestnut and Euclid. Tim recalls Frank was missing a few fingers- not great advertising for a butcher.
Ridgewood Avenue Cypress Hills N.Y.
This photo is actually a reproduction of a postcard postmarked 1910. Kudos to Tim O'Reilly for correcting the orientation. It is actually a view east down Ridgewood from Chestnut. The Jamaica El is running north-south along Crescent in the background . From the Brian Merlis Collection . Neil Sullivan delivers the 2006 view.
Southwest corner, Chestnut and Ridgewood
Tim O'Reilly supplied the 1941 tax photo and some memories- he recalls it as Portnoy's Drugstore where he first took film to get developed. On the right a 2007 update shot.
Chestnut Street circa 1942
Roy Tanner sent over this shot of 108 and 112 Chestnut, north of Ridgewood Avenue, around 1942.
Chestnut Street, 1910
Here is a very similar view to Roy's picture above. The view is looking north along the west side of Chestnut Street, between Etna Street and Ridgewood Avenue in 1910. Note the house set back in the middle, which is gone in Roy's 1942 image.
Frank Calderone sends over a shot taken in front of 93 Chestnut Street with him and his dad in 1978.
Chestnut Street, 1967
John Riccardi's family lived at 186 Chestnut. These shots are from John's wedding day in 1967, with his parents, looking north.
Chestnut Street, 1940s
John Riccardi pointed out they lived across from Blessed Sacrament's convent. John sent over a picture of his mother in front of the convent circa 1945, and a shot with his brother a few years later.
Frank Calderone sends over a shot taken in front of 93 Chestnut Street with him and his dad in 1978.
Gene Padakowski becomes the first to send in an old family shot of Chestnut St., right on the corner of Etna, from 1963. I attempted to match the angle up in 2007 on the right. Frank Calderone IDs himslef as the boy peering over the fence on the left.
Gene Padakowski supplies this 1967 shot of 202 Etna, which is off the southeast corner of Chestnut and Etna. He IDs as follows; "L-R Tom Carroll { from 203 Etna ) Gene Padakowski ( my stoop } Lenny Calderone {rear-from Chestnut St } Denny Pedalino { from Jamaica Ave } and Charlie Brenner."
Lynda Maggiore sends over this shot of her and her mother posing in front of 89 Chestnut, circa 1960. On the right, Kayhleen Mauro supplies a 1953 view looking north up Chestnut Street toward Jamaica Avenue.
Tom DeVoy sent in these shots of 15 and 43 Chestnut from 2005 showing two houses still hanging onto their original farmhouse trim.