I.S. 171

Also known as the Abraham Lincoln school. My thanks to Tim O'Reilly for contributing some of the images to kickstart this page, including his 1973 autograph book. Tony Danza and his brother attended 171 after being kicked out of Blessed Sacrament. Cora (Gavin) Modica has supplied us with the class pictures from all the yearbooks from 1963 to 1969 and 1973, and I have created individual pages for each year. See below to access those pages.

Although there were rumors I.S. 171 would be closed, the city announced the school would continue to serve grades 6 through 8. The fifth grade is being moved over to P.S. 7.

Public School 171, corner Ridgewood and Nichols Ave.
The September 5, 1912 Brooklyn Daily Eagle edition featured a picture of the new school. Lyman Best served as the first principal, transferring from P.S. 108. The 1925 article on the right gives more history (though it incorrectly gives the opening as 1910). The Junior High program started in 1920 and I suspect The Abraham Lincoln name came into existence at that point to differentiate the elementary school from upper level.
Early Post Cards
I'm guessing the image in the post card on the left by an unknown publisher is the earliest image, as the lot across the street appears to be uncleared and there are no buildings behind the school.
Public School 171, corner Ridgewood and Nichols Ave.
Maker: P. Miller Dated: Unk Status: Own (RG)
The school was constructed in 1912, and this nice P. Miller card was issued shortly thereafter. Tim O'Reilly notes the empty lot where the girls are walking became the Cedar Lane Farms Dairy where his family used to get their milk.
Public School no. 171, Ridgewood and Lincoln Ave.
Maker: Art Post Card and Novelty Co. Dated: 1916 Status: Own(RG)
From the class pictures, we know there was a ninth grade class up to 1965. We are trying to determine when it became strictly a junior high school.
Public School no. 171, Cypress Hills Brooklyn
Maker: Lipschitz and Paris Dated: 1915 Status: Own(RG)
This publisher lists itself as Cypress Hills. There must be more cards from this publisher in existence.
Graduation Program, 1927
It appears graduation was held within the building. In the early days, elementary school would only go up to 6th grade and students in East New York who wished to continue would attend P.S. 64. By the mid 1920s the city was establishing the Junior High School level. (School buildings housed both elementary and junior highs.) The 1927 program indicates 171 had a junior high and the graduating class was the 9th grade at this point. Note graduations were semi-annual; the "thirtieth" was held over 15 years.
JHS 171, 1932
A class picture taken outdoors with the building covered in ivy, along with names on the back.
171 Yearbook, Lincoln Log, 1935
We've has some success tracking down yearbooks. The 1935 edition was nothing special but I did find a very cool ad in the back.
171 Yearbook, Lincoln Log, 1936
Peter Stango sent over the January 1936 issue which included his mother's graduating class. Although I have not researched this in detail, the half year cycle was common in those days.
171 Class 9B2, 1936
Peter also sent over the class picture which included his mother (second row from top, second from right). Peter also noted his mother attended Richmond Hill High School to start because Lane wasn't completed yet. On the right, from the autograph book, is a picture of Principal George Millard Davison.
171 Yearbook, Lincoln Log, 1937
I managed to find a yearbook from 1937. All the pictures seemed to be taken in the same room- I included this shot of the "Safety Squad" which I thought was an odd inclusion.
171 Yearbook, Lincoln Log, 1937
There were 4 graduating classes of about the same size, I included this shot because of the socks that guy is wearing on the far right, and some of the odd additions the girls have on their blouses. Note the graduating class is the 9th grade. On the right is an exerpt from the yearbook for "Health Awards". I'm trying to figure out if that is the classic potato sack race or the potato on a spoon race- either way its a sure fire measure of health.
Lincoln Log, 1937 Ads
The ads are interesting as they list the businesses in the immediate area at that time. Oeding's was around for quite awhile.
Lincoln Log, 1937 Ads
The concluding group of ads.
Autograph Book, 1938
Along with the Yearbook was an autograph book belonging to a Sylvia Samuels of Adler Pl. The autograph book included a picture of 171 from the 1930s, seen on the right. The towers of Blessed Sacrament are visible in the distance and the tower of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church is visible in the foreground.
Autograph Book, 1938
The autograph book provides some interesting information and raises some questions. Look at the list of teachers in the first shot. It appears the school went from Kindergarten to 9th grade. It also appears that at each grade level there is an "a" and "b" teacher. Was the school year broken into two halves? On the right is a list of some classmates. Note how many were from Queens, especially the Richmond Hill area.
Autograph Book, 1938
I included these two samples from the book because they both note the date as June 10, 1938- "City-Wide Day". Does anyone know what that means?
Richard Perez tipped me off about a 171 "alumnus"; Eric Stanton, whose real name may have been Ernest Stanzoni, attended P.S. 171 back in 1941 and enjoyed some notoriety as an illustrator for early sexploitation magazines. Richard's site, PermanentObscurity.com, has a page devoted to Eric and the genre.
J.H.S 171, Class of 1940
Paula Curci sends in her dad's 171 graduation picture from 1940. I have managed to find the 1940 Lincoln Log from that year, the cover is seen on the right.
J.H.S 171, 1940 Graduation Program
Along with the yearbook is the graduation program. If you spot a relative in the graduation class, the yearbook contains the class pictures, though there are no IDs by individual with the pictures.
J.H.S 171, Class 9B2 of 1945
From Hank Rich, a class pic from 1945 along with some great details; "... Joyce Jahn is part of the Jahn's Ice Cream Parlour Family. She is in the back row, fourth from the right. And, Weismantel (forgot her first name) is the daughter of the owner of the Weismantel Show Boat Night Club, which was adjacent to Cypress Hills Swimming Pool, Crescent Street and Jamaica Ave. She is the slim girl, second row from the bottom, third person from the right. I am in the first row, second from the right (in my Frank Sinatra bow tie!)
German Evang Trinity Church and PS 171 Ridgewood and Nichols Avenues
Maker: P. Miller Dated: Circa 1912 Status: Need
A better angled shot of the location of PS 171. The view is west down Ridgewood. The church in the 2006 photo is the East New York Baptist Church. A Christian Meyer contacted me and informed me it is not the same structure. He had a friend who attended the original church which was a wood structure. The CO for the current structure is dated 1952. I have now discovered the name of the church when it was built in 1952 was The Evangelical United Brethren Church of Peace.
Some tidbits from the 171 crowd; June Marmo sends over a 1952 talent show photo and Robert Jefferson displays a 1931 graduation pin.
Class 9-B, 1946 and Class 9-1, 1950
Thanks to Joann Montgomery with a double contribution. She sent in her mother's class graduation picture from 1946 and her aunt's class picture from 1950! Her aunt, Joan Barish Signorello is front row ,third from the left. The "Key" is actually the back of the 1950 picture, signed by a number of classmates.

Kindergarten Christmas Pageant, 1949
Donald Hulslander sends over this terrific image taken in the 171 auditorium. I left it a little larger to enjoy the detail, including the Charlie Brown-like tree in the background. Les Livingston IDs himself as the boy holding the American flag.

Class 3-2. 1952
Donald Hulslander also sent over his class 3-2 pic from the 1952-53 school year.

Class picture, 1952
Thanks to Elsie Anzalone for sending over her 1952 class picture!

Class 2-3 picture, 1954
Thanks to Alan Miner for this classic East New York Savings Honor Thrift Class picture from 1954.

Kindergarten, 1955
John D'Antoni supplies this 1955 kindergarten pic via Roger Gapinski. Top Row - ?, Edward LaFerrera, Robert Simmons, Robert Brehm, Jacqueline LaFerrera, ?, ?
Middle Row - ?, ?, John D’Antoni, Mathew Dervender, ?, Roger Ski Gapinski, ?, ?
Bottom Row – Betty ??, Betty Cooney, Kathleen App, Barbara Slater, ?,?, ?
Class 9-5, 1956
Mario Barone, who TAUGHT this class, supplied this picture of class 9-5 and is wondering if any of those students are out there today; he would like to hear from them. Mario makes an attempt at some IDs; "TOP ROW, from the left: 3rd from left is Steve D'Antoni (he was President of the school's G.O. ) 5th from the left I believe is Michael Weinberg...smartest boy in the class. 2nd ROW FROM THE TOP: 1st on the left is Joan Orlowski; 5th from left is June Schuck......7th from left is Fran Shapiro.. 9th from the left Evelyn Walker. 3rd ROW from the top: 2nd in from the left is Jane Hocking... FRONT ROW: 2nd from left is (Harriet) Blumberg, the class genius. 7th from left is Ursula September and on the end, 9th from left is Margie Koestler."
Dr. Frances Collato also IDs Joe Catalano (top row, left) and Louise Boccio (second row, center.)

Graduation Program, 1956
Thanks to Dr. Frances Collato for the 1956 graduation program.

P.S. 171; Miss Nugent 1956, 3rd Grade, 1958
Dr. Frances Collato also supplied a picture of Miss Nugent circa 1956. On the right, Roger Gapinski sent over this 1958 shot with IDs; "Girl up front – Kathleen App, girl right behind – Patricia Petrick, boy right behind I think is Robert Simmons, and boy with tie is Charlie Petroso and Kathleen Cozens is behind Charlie. I don’t remember the other girls’ names."

Class 9SP1, 1958
Thanks to Donald Hulsander for sending over the class 9-SP picture from 1958! Roger also supplied a key;
Top: Steve Cohen,Joel Karasik,Ted Andersen, Charles Anderson, Edward Whitfleet,Mitchell Bialostozky, Jay Horowitz, William Friend
Middle: Thomas Willis, John Richartz,Alan Gorfin, Raymond Olkin, Peter ?, Michael Nichols, Robert Falco, Donald Hulslander
Bottom: Margaret Savarese, Linda Tyne, Ellen Belkin, ?,Alice Simon,Therese ?,Barbara Slapsis,Ellen Leichtman ,Alice Borden.
We heard from Steve Cohen, and he supplied the names I have put in bold. Steve wound up teaching at I.S. 292, the school many of us were re-zoned into back in 1967 instead of I.S. 171. More recently we heard from Joel Karasik, who added the names in italics.

Class 9-6, 1959
Rich Jaworski supplied this picture of class 9-6 from 1959. Roger Gapinski IDs his sister, Mary Gapinski - 3rd row - 2nd from left.

Class pictures, 1958 and 1960
Thanks to Roy Tanner for a double hit, Class 9-7 in 1958 and Class 9-1 in 1960! Thom Henrickson takes a stab at the 1958 class 9-7; "4th row Allan Adashchik, Mick Flynn, Marvin Torffield, William Bauer, John Gleason, ?, Robert Hirschfield, Richard Hunderweiser, Louis Soveiro
3rd row ?, 2nd row Steven Silverstein, ?, Thomas Henrickson, ?, ?, Roy Tanner, Paul DaSilva, Martin Albanese
1st row ?, ?, ?, ?, Gwen Edwards, Joan Kerr, Marina Sultana,, ?, ?, Joan Kalambacher "

5th Grade, Mrs. MacDonald 1960
Another from Roger Gapinski, with some attempted IDs; "Front – Barbara Werner, Joan Thiele 2nd Row – Patricia Valente, John Rush 3rd Row – Steven Muller ??, Robert Brehm, ?, ? 4th Row – Patricia Mulvihill, ?, ?, Helen Tew Back Row – Middle - Alex Gellatly; Robert Simmons Mrs. MacDonald in the back of the room .

Class picture, 1960
Elise (Avella) Feiner sends over her brother's 1960 class picture. He is identified in the 2nd row, fourth from the left. Her brother Joe takes a stab at IDing the rest.
Class picture, 1960
Maureen (Collins) Heilig sent over the Class 9-3 pic for 1960 along with a key: Back row, l to r: George Weber, Glen Adams, Michael Lipka, Alan Harms, Robert Orenstein, Frank Rappa, Clinton Fox, Gilbert Dareell
Third Row: Maria Lepani, Maureen Collins, Pat Mish, Phyllis Ferrera, Elizabeth Loch, Bernadette Ingrisano, Marilyn Otten, Frances Deerr
Second Row: Vincent Rega, Frank Mack, Thomas Federico, Harold Bernt, George Tinkler, Craig Martinson, David Walsh, Elwood Johnson
Front Row: Rosemary DiPietra, Catherine Fabricante, Georgene Brush, Olga DeFranco, Sheila Nieves, Ellen Voss, Lenore Weschler, JoEllen Messineo, Gloria Andersson.
Class 9-2 picture, 1960
We're really filling in 1960, this class 9-2 picture comes from Anthony LaViola. We're sort on IDs, maybe some classmates can help out. Anthony IDs the following; "Top Left, Bradford Day; Top 3rd form left, Anthony Witerger; 3rd row left, Robert Hagan: 3rd row 4th from left Connie..:3rd row 7 from left, Anthony LaViola: 2nd row 4th from left Sal Ciccorella; 1st row right, Marina ?"
Class 9-5 picture, 1960
We have almost all of 1960 now, thanks to Kathleen Mauro, who supplied the Class 9-5 picture. Her attempt at IDs; "First row, seated, L to R: Kathleen Mauro, Jo Jo Gonzalez, Janet Becht,?,?, Josephine Taormina, ?, Angela Errante, Marilyn Patrickakos
Second Row: ?, "Roachy",?,?, "Butchy",?,?
Third Row: Pat Iandanza, ?,Dorothy Fahrenkrug,?,?, Jeanette Markunas,Carol Murphy,?,?
Fourth Row: Bernard Youngelman, ?,?,?,?,?, Steven Jaworski, August Fietkau, ?" "

Wizard of Oz, 6th Grade, 1961 Mrs. Starsky
Thanks to Roger Ski Gapinski for these two shots from the class 1961 play. On the left; "Front Row - ?, Arazio De Bellis, Eddie Hock, ?, Michael Koshak, Mrs. Starsky, Joanne Varvaro, ?, Betty, ?, Pamela Borden, Mathew Dervender, ? Top Row - ?, Betty Jean Dixon, Kenneth Alexander, Dennis Wygand, John Rush, Barbara Slater, Robert Simmons, Patricia Valente, Eddie LaFerrera (deceased), ?"
Pictured on the right; "Front Row - ?, Linda Alberico, Theresa Bartolomea, Rosann Robinson, ?, ?, Diane G ??, ?, Linda Cunningham, Joanne Varvaro, John D'Antoni, Kenneth Alexander, Michael Koshak, Eddie Hock".
Class 9-2, 1961
Courtesy of James Celovsky, who is second row, second from right.
Class 9-8, 1961
Courtesy of Pat Howard. Roger Gapinski supplies a few IDs; "My brother, Gerry Gapinski (deceased) – 3rd row from bottom – 3rd from right, ? Koshak (had brother Michael) – 3rd from left – same row Richie Volz – 2nd row from bottom – 5th from right, ? Ventimiglia (had brother Thomas – 1963) – top row – 2nd from right – not 100%"
Class 9-5, 1962
Roger Hulslander sends over the pic and the key:
Class 9-7, 1962
Neal Cassoria supplies his 1962 class picture.
Class 9-8, 1962
Donald Vinson supplies the 1962 class 9-8 picture and takes a stab at IDs:
"I sincerely apologize to all, especially the Ladies.., for any names I have forgotten and or misspelled. This picture was taken over 54 years ago. There has been a whole lot of Miles, People, and Rum and Cokes since then.. Back Row (4th row) Carol Luthy (?), Name unknown, Olivia Ragusa, Billy Otto, Name unknown, Name unknown, Thomas Moxley, Michael Pastena (?), Loretta Malinaskas (?) 3rd Row Donald Vinson, Maureen McAllister, Steven Wiseman, Lynn Wolff, Robert Ward, Grace Agro, Name unknown, Angela Marino, Stuart Goldberg (?) 2nd Row Linda Kimberly, Joseph Mazzi, Margret Kirsch, John Mingrone, Rita (?), Name unknown, Arvin Peltz, Name unknown, Paul Schewchuck, June Anderson. Front Row (1st Row) Maryann Morano, Anthony Guciardi, Kathy Grillo, Joseph Ferarro (?), Christine Berndt. Kenneth Shelly, Alice Crosby, Ferdinand Stabb, Pamela Goldstein."
Yearbook, 1963
Thanks to Cora (Gavin) Modica, we have all the senior class pictures from 1963-1969 and 1973. Click here to see the 1963 class pictures.
P.S. 171 Class 9-3, 1964
Lynda Maggiore sends over her graduation class shot from 1964. Click here to see the 1964 senior class pictures
Lincoln Avenue, 1964
When Roger Gapinski sent me this candid 1964 shot of his classmates from 9-6, I pulled the class picture to put next to it. In the Lincoln Avenue photo; "?, Gerald Menninger, Lois Kouns, Joe Polimine, Robert Brenner, David Kraftic, Ellen Yovino, ?, Dorothy Messina"
Yearbook, 1965
Kurt Eger supplies the class 6-1 picture from 64-65. He attempts to ID the class:
Top row, L to R - Thomas Valek, Patricia McGreevy, Carol Champion, Linda Turczyn, Kurt Eger
3rd row - Frank Mandile, Michael Aliko, Edward Hemmerich, Vincenzo Puleo, Paul Manno, Dean ?, Robert Perry, Miss Ogin
2nd row- Michael Penucci, Beverly Bauerle, Helen Champion, Linda Nystrom, Robert Ross
Bottom- Bonnie Gerstein, Angela Grippaldi, ?, Fanny Chiapparino, Nancy ?, Nanette Fadale, Vasilia Papantonio, Theresa Hodder, Joanne Zylette
Thanks to Cora (Gavin) Modica, we have all the senior class pictures from 1963-1969 and 1973. Click here to see the 1965 class pictures.
Yearbook, 1966
Thanks to Cora (Gavin) Modica, we have all the senior class pictures from 1963-1969 and 1973. Click here to see the 1966 class pictures.
Class 1-2, 1967
Darlene (Whitehead) Chapman supplied this picture of her brother's first grade class in 1967. Several folks have confirmed to me the elementary grades were on the first floor.
JHS 171, Class 8E, 1967
Elise (Avella) Feiner sends over the 1967 photo of her graduating class. Some of the ladies here and in the other graduating class reunited recently and that pic is over on the reunions page. Click here to see all the 1967 senior class pictures
Elise also sends over some casual photos circa 1967. On the left, teachers Trudy Rein and Leonard Thrushkowky(sp?). On the right, the music teacher Edward Greenberg standing next to Patricia McGreevey. Front Row: L-R: Deborah Wilson, Pat Tromba, Jane Kreuter.
I.S. 171, Class 8-F, 1968
Thanks to Johnny Molloy for this one. Click here to see all the 1968 senior class pictures.
Kindergarten graduation, 1969
Thanks to Diane (Dee) Marinconz for sharing this 1969 shot taken during kindergarten graduation. She has a few other neighborhood related shots on Facebook.
Yearbook, 1969
Thanks to Cora (Gavin) Modica, we have all the senior class pictures from 1963-1969 and 1973. Click here to see the 1969 class pictures.
I.S. 171, Class 8-C, 1970
Thanks to Marie Cocozelli for both her class picture, 8-C as well as class 8-B from 1970. Anthony Passentino sends over the IDs

Click here for all 1970 senior class pictures.
I.S. 171, Class 8-B, 1970
Also from Marie, with the ID assist from Anthony.
P.S. 171, Class KG2-4, 1972
I did not realize that 171 was still running elementary grade classes in 1972 until Roger Gapinkski sent me this photo with his niece, Michelle Gapinski - middle row - 6th from left. I spoke with Ralph Colantuoni, former Assistant Principal, and Tim O'Reilly, who informed me the elementary grades were on the first floor while the Intermediate School was on the 2nd and 3rd.
I.S. 171, Class 8E, 1972
I'm starting to think Class 8-E was the only one to grow up to learn the internet- Steve Adragna sends over the 1972 class. Steve is top row, third from left.
I.S. 171, Class 8L, 1972
Thanks to Louis Passantino for the pic and the key.
I.S. 171, Class 8H, 1972
Thanks to Theresa Badalaty Yocca for both the class pic and IDs:

Top Row: Left to Right -Thomas May, Richard Peterson, Antonio Gomez, Donna Abruzzo, Evelyn Nock, Lynn Bracken, Isabel Torruella, Robert Alvarez, Robert Fitzgerald, Richard Linkens

Middle Row: Left to Right- Theresa Badalaty, Joann Cannisi, Mary Ann Franco, Jame Rubino, Mr. B. Fink, Doreen DeCosimo, Elizabeth Deer, Gladys Caban, Gloria Rivera

Bottom Row: Juan Roddriguez, Adel Cintron, Yves Francois, Joseph Englese, Margaret Aceveto, Joanna Colon, Steven Pomposello, Vincent Grippa, Robert Gray

"Camera Shy": Terrance Germain, John Kauter, Connie Davino
I.S. 171, Class 8E, 1973
Thanks to Tim O'Reilly for the very colorful 1973 Class pic. Tim adds that class pictures were taken in the lobby area in front of the auditorium. They are facing the main entrance which is on Ridgewood and was not typically used by the students. To the right in the photo would have been the boys gym and to the left the girls gym. For the roster key, click here for all the 1973 senior class pictures.
I.S. 171, Class 8J, 1975
Josephine Passantino sends in the 1975 picture for Class 8J, but we need some help with IDs.
171, "Oliver", 1975
I stumbled on this in an old District 19 Publication. Some folks may recognize the names in the article. Grace Sidorowicz adds some background; "Mr Schultkraut was my english teacher and he would rehearse the show during our class session in the auditorium. In IS 171 students could choose from music, art or drama as an elective if memory serves me. The drama and music students were the cast and the art students got to do scenery..but only a few from the art department worked on sets..so the rest of us..got to watch the whole process during english class, it was exciting, for me anyway.. "
Yearbook, 1976
A big thanks to Melinda (Mendez) Garcia for sharing her 1976 yearbook. That's a well loved cover on the left, and a page from the Dramatic Club showing they performed "Fiddler on the Roof" that year.
Class 8I, 8J, 1976
Also from Melinda's 1976 yearbook, two of the 8th grade classes.

Class 8K, 8H 1976
Finally, class 8K (Mr. Kaseta again!) and Melinda's class, 8H.
List of Names for class 8-H Mr. Fink

Top row: Left to Right -- Gwendolyn Palmer, Kathy Dunn, Delia Galesi, Michael Piri, Douglas Hart, William Busse, Cheryl Felton, Pascale Barjon, Melinda Mendez.

Middle Row: Gladys Alicea, Evelyn Rios, Tonya Scott, George Ross, Mr. Fink, Rosario Femminella, Vera Daniels, Martine DeChavigny, Arecelis Padilla.

Bottom Row: Lorrie Criscvolo, Lisa Montano, Jeffrey Hawkins, James Adams, Joseph Comuniello, Jose Ortiz, Catherine Moraglia, Theresa Varriale.

On Floor: Tryone Washington, Tracy Vitulli
1976 Ads
Two ads from the back of the book of some well known East New York/Cypress Hills establishments. Thanks again to Melinda for the images.
I.S. 171, Class 8-E 1977
John Tuomi sends over his Class 8-E 1977 picture.
I.S. 171, 1990
Tim contributes this 1990 shot. Note in the early images the "towers" atop the corners of the school which are now gone. The schoolyard sat behind the school, with the girls entrance (in Tim's day) visible on the Nichols Avenue side and the boys entrance, not visible, over on the Lincoln Avenue side.
I.S. 171, 2006
Finishing up with a bit of a weak photo, the view is north up Nichols. The school is currently listed on the Board of Ed site as grades 5 thru 8 with 1066 students.